With Andy’s Pools Inc., your pool cleaning will take place on the same day at about the same time each week for consistent service. We leave you a daily slip informing you of what service was performed and any notes you may need to know (necessary repairs, etc.).

pool chemical testingService include the following:

  • Residential Pool Service
  • Weekly Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Same-Day Visits Each Week
  • Brushing Your Pool
  • Vacuuming Your Pool as needed
  • Skimming the Surface
  • Emptying Baskets
  • Water Testing
  • Addition of Necessary Chemicals
  • Filter Cleaning as needed
  • Tile Cleaning

We offer a combination service for customers who want some hands-on work with their pools or are more budget-conscious. Our technicians will service and clean your pool weekly and add chemicals as needed to maintain proper balance. In addition to these services, we offer temporary cleaning services to those homeowners who only need short-term pool care or vacation care.

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Jacksonville, Fla.

Phone: 904-241-5811

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Monday- Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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